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Babylon 5 actors at Jumpcon [03 Mar 2008|01:48pm]




Are you a Babylon 5 fan and would like to meet the actors from the show?  Now is your chance.  Jumpcon is having some of those people to their conventions.  Check it out www.jumpcon.com


We will also be keeping our LJ updated as well so add us as a friend to know when we add new guests.



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Looking for recs [14 Jan 2007|12:56am]

Hi folks,

I'm relatively new to B5 fandom, and I'm on the hunt for Talia/Garibaldi fics. What do you recommend?? Do you have any favorites?

Thanks for your help!
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Home of the Great Maker [23 May 2006|06:57am]

One of the Oldest fan communities, and where JMS himself is known to read/post. Yes it's Usenet, but it has always been here: rec.arts.sf.tv.babylon5.moderated
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[22 May 2006|10:44pm]

(These fics contain spoilers for whole series.)

selenak is rapidly becoming one of my favourite B5 writers. I could rec just about all of her fanfic, but I shall pick out a few of my favourites.

Not In Words
Timov's story, from her marriage to Londo to the end of Season 5. I'm not very good at articulating what it is that I love about fanfic, however; I love her characterisation of Timov, and the mood of the whole fic is a quiet sort of sadness that I really like.

In the Pale Moonlight
Cartagia is very, very mad, which is nearly impossible to write well. Selenak really captures Cartagia's voice and thought patterns, and this is a story that could easily fit into early Season 4.

Truth or Dare
Londo and G'Kar play truth or dare. In a bar. This sounds like the premise for an awful fic, but Selenak makes it work beautifully. The truths and dares they pick for each other are fasinating and the conversations between the two of them are just right for their relationship in early S5. And the ending is fantastic and always leaves me grinning.

Babylon 5/Sandman crossover. Londo meets all of the endless throughout his life. Which, of course he does. This fic fits perfectly with what we know of Londo's life and what happens on screen.
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[22 May 2006|07:48am]

Hello. I am reccing things to get the ball rolling. Hurrah. These are a couple of websites that have been around forever and are invaluable to any fan.

The Lurker's Guide

An invaluable resource on the universe of B5. Most valuable are the very detailed reviews of the episodes, including quotes taken from what JMS has said about episodes online.

Alternate Universe Today

A very old (and somewhat ugly) archive that is no longer updated, however, it does have an awful lot of fanfic still there. If you got a few days (or weeks or months) there are some good fanfics, lurking in there.

Voltayre's Encyclopedia Xenobiologica

A very smart looking site with loads and loads of information about the universe of Babylon 5. I could spend hours here.
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Welcome and Tags [22 May 2006|07:30am]

Welcome to the B5 recs community. We are (finally!) opened and launched and such. You can all start posting now. :)

Please read the community info page before posting - it has all the details about who we are and what we want. :)

When reccing, try and remember to tag your post to make it easily findable, although we'll be putting everything in the memories as well, so we won't get too upset if you forget. :) These are the tags we'll be using:

Types of Rec
fanfic, icons, songvids, fanart, fanzines, websites, screencaps, books, fanmixes, authors, livejournals, conventions, archives, reccers, episodes, seasons, characters, pairings, moments

(livejournal: community or user, but if you are reccing a user it should be a journal that is largely just for B5 fanfic/recs/discussion etc, rather than someone's personal journal)

sheridan, sinclair, ivanova, lochley, garabaldi, zack, franklin, lyta, talia, bester, delenn, lennier, londo, vir, g'kar, na'toth, kosh, morden, byron, other, misc, tech, general

(other: any minor characters not listed; tech: any ships/stations etc; general: about the whole cast, or a large group of them; misc: anything else that might be missing from the list.

If you are reccing something shippy, please tag each character individual, e.g Sheridan, Delenn instead of Sheridan/Delenn. This is mostly to keep the number of tags down to a managable level.

If you think I've missed someone or something out of the tags, or have any other questions please comment here. Otherwise, happy reccing!
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